6 Ways To Keep Hold Of Your Chefs


A Restaurateur’s worst nightmare is having 1 of their Chefs leave their job, especially if they have heaps of experience and know the menu like the back of their hand.

But what can you do as an employer to keep hold of your Chefs?

1. Communicate
Employees often get annoyed by Managers who are only ever seen in the kitchen when they are barking orders or telling staff off. Communication is key- build a rapport with your Chefs, offering them support from time to time, even though they will most likely decline it!

2. Encourage Breaks
Most Chefs will battle through a long and tiring shift without taking a single break. A lot of Managers are fine with this- after all, they are getting more work out of their staff that way. However, it would be courteous of you to give the Chef the opportunity to take a short break.

You could even create a break room which has games and a TV inside for Chefs to be able to relax.

3. Let Them Have Fun
We know that work is important and should be taken seriously, however it’s good to encourage your Chefs to have fun whilst they are at work. Morale is one of the most important things to consider in the workplace. There are many ways in which you can boost morale in the kitchen- for example by letting them play music and create some fun competitions that they can take part in. Taking time out of work to go on Team Days with your kitchen crew can also be beneficial- doing a team activity to build relationships.

4. Hear What They Think
Chefs like to be involved with decisions that are made in the business- it makes them feel appreciated and valued when Managers actually listen to their suggestions on how improvements can be made.

5. Reward Longevity
If a Chef has been an employee of your company for a long period of time and has mastered their role, why not give them a raise every so often? This may seem like a lot of money at first, however it will be cheaper than finding a new Chef, training them, and getting them settled in to your restaurant.

6. Reachable Targets
If you set targets for your Chefs at your restaurant, make sure that they are reachable targets. A lot of employers set unrealistic targets for their employees, who then end up getting stressed out, which affects the quality of their work and could see them getting signed off sick with stress from work.

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