6 Things That Outdate Your Restaurant


Terrible décor is something that many customers will mention when leaving a negative review on websites such as ‘TripAdvisor’. You may serve amazing food in your restaurant- but is the décor up to scratch? If the atmosphere is poor, with customers feeling uncomfortable then they are likely to go elsewhere.

Here are 6 things that outdate your restaurant, and what you can do to keep your restaurant up to date!

1. Decoration
As soon as your customers walk through the door the first thing they will notice is your restaurant’s décor. Are you using the right colours which compliment your restaurant’s style. Nobody wants to look at neon green wall with yellow carpet as soon as they walk through the door, that would put anybody off their food..

The colour of the walls and ceiling in your restaurant are more important than you may think. Get rid of any old-fashioned wallpaper, and try to incorporate red and brown into your colour scheme- as these 2 colours are known to stimulate customer’s appetite. If your wallpaper is more than 10 years old- replace it as soon as possible!

2. Plates
Using modern plates is vital- plates are canvases in which you display your mouthwatering masterpieces on. Are you using the same kind of plates that you’ve been dishing up on for the last 10 years? It’s worth spending a bit of money on modern plates, such as square plates. Think of your restaurant’s style when you are purchasing plates, try and match the 2 things together.

3. Wall Decoration
You can use your walls to showcase art or photographs that relate to your restaurant’s concept. For example- you could hang up a vintage photograph of a customer slurping up spaghetti when your Italian restaurant first opened. Letting customers know that your restaurant is an established part of the community and is here to stay. Just make sure that you use a modern frame- black frames tend to work well if you’re trying to achieve the modern look.

4. Lighting
Is your restaurant lit up correctly and in a modern fashion? You don’t want your lighting to be too bright that it affects the customers intimate atmosphere. However, you don’t want it to be so dark they they cannot read the menu.

If your lighting gives off a 1970’s feel, then you may want to update the lighting fixtures to bring your restaurant to the modern day, unless your restaurant is a 70’s diner of course.

5. Flooring
Flooring may be something that customers just walk on, but it’s equally as important as the décor on the walls. Wooden floors are great at reflecting light and add a warm ambience to your restaurant. It’s also a lot easier to clean compared to carpets, which can be a nightmare to maintain.

6. Staff Uniforms
Have your Waiting Staff been wearing the same style of uniform for the last 10 years? Look at your restaurant’s style and make the outfits match it. Ask your staff for their opinion, and you could even ask what your customers think- this could make a great competition on social media.

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