6 Reasons Why Customers Aren’t Returning To Your Restaurant

Unhappy Custs

Repeat customers are vital to your business and you want to do everything in your power in order to keep them coming back for more. Their overall value is worth a lot of money to your restaurant. You want them to be impressed so that they recommend your restaurant to their friends & family- making you more money in the long term.

However, sometimes customers will eat at your restaurant, and then not return ever again. But why is this? Here are 6 reasons why customers aren’t returning to your restaurant-

1. Poor Customer Service
Poor customer service is one of the top reasons why customers leave your restaurant with a bad taste in their mouth. There are many other restaurants available to dine at, and if a restaurant provides poor customer service- the customer is likely to dine elsewhere. It’s important to train your waiting staff to provide top customer service, so that they leave a lasting impression on the customer. Poor customer service is also related to long wait times. Long wait times can make the restaurant seem inefficient. You can resolve this by hiring more staff, taking reservations or training your current staff to be more efficient. Impressive customer service from the start creates a bond between the customer and restaurant.

2. Bad Food Quality
Your customers expect quality food when they dine at your restaurant. If your customers aren’t impressed by your menu, they won’t return, and if their food turns up cold, then they definitely won’t be returning.

3. No Healthy Alternative
Customers might not return due to a lack of healthy options on the menu. Many customers are concerned about eating healthy nowadays- eating organic, or gluten-free dishes, and it will pay off to have a few of these options on your menu.

4. Unhygienic Restaurant
Cleanliness is very important to diners. If they see tables that haven’t been wiped down and food on the floor- they are likely to think that the food will be unhygienic as well. Train your waiting staff so that they never walk back to the kitchen empty handed- clearing tables as they go.

5. Negative Word of Mouth
If a customer dines at your restaurant and has a negative experience, such as finding it unhygienic for example- they are likely to warn their friends & family of your restaurant, to ensure that they don’t go through the same terrible experience. This can cause the downfall of your business, especially with websites such as TripAdvisor encouraging people to leave reviews- customers will openly speak negatively of your business. Therefore Managers must address mistakes promptly, and try and resolve the situation before it’s too late.

6. No Incentives
Have you actually provided customers with a reason to return, such as rewarding loyal customers? It’s vital to show your loyal customers that you appreciate their custom. Once you’ve earned customer loyalty, it must be nurtured and retained. There are 100’s of options for rewarding loyalty customers- from rewards programs to special offers.

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