5 Ways To Turn Customers Into Repeats


Tired of not seeing customers return to your restaurant?

Turn your Waiting Staff into superstars and encourage them to get your valuable customers to return to your establishment by following these 5 simple steps..

1. Offer A Loyalty Programme
It’s a really simple idea and can generate a huge amount of business for you. A reward system can be in any form, whether it be points, prizes or money off. If people know clearly what the incentive is of the loyalty programme then they’ll be more likely to collect the points and save them to use. In a recent survey, 48% of 18-24 year olds said that they start collecting points in pubs and restaurants if they offered them.

2. Provide Great Service
Make sure your staff go the extra mile for your customers, paying attention to what the customer wants. Teach them to get it right the first time. No matter how good the food is, if the customer service is bad then the customer’s experience will be bad, and they most likely will not return.

3. Offer Online Ordering & Pick Up
When someone gets home from work and they don’t want to cook what do they do? Order a takeaway. So why not offer your food as takeaway? It may cause a little extra work for your kitchen but it will make you more money. They may not always be coming into your restaurant, but never the less they will be valuable repeat customers.

4. Start An E-mail List
The easy way to do this is to start a loyalty programme and take their E-mail when they sign up to it, or alternatively, you could do it by taking an email address when they phone up to reserve a table. Design a card and get them to give their e-mail address and offer to send them the latest discounts and promotions, after all- that’s what you’d be using the list for.

5. Follow-Up
Your customer’s opinion is really important, from this you know what you need to improve and what areas to work on. You could get this in the form of comment cards or just verbally by asking your customer how their meal went and making a note of it. If you really wanted to go that one step further you could even ring them the next day to see if they had an enjoyable night, as long as you have their phone number from when they made a booking.

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