5 Ways To Help You Lose Weight..

Healthy Weight Loss

Have you done your New Year resolutions? Is one of them to lose weight? We’ve scoured the internet to find the best tips that will help you to shed those Christmas pounds.

  1. Ditch the scales – Portion control isn’t about measuring, it’s about cutting out what you don’t need e.g. the side plate of bread with your pasta.
  2.  Keep a stash of fruit – Have a stash of fruit at work. Instead of reaching for the biscuits go for the grapes instead.
  3.  Set limits – When you go for lunch take a styrofoam box that you’d get a takeaway burger in and fill it with want you want… But you can only eat what you can fit in the box. It’s almost impossible then to over eat.
  4.  Go dry – Simple, cut out the alcohol. It’s just unwanted calories that you don’t need.
  5.  Set aside leftovers – Once you’ve served yourself dinner pack up the rest in a tupperware container, put the container in the fridge and the have it for lunch the next day. Doing this saves you time, money and energy.