5 Ways To Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales This Summer

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Summer has finally arrived, and it’s the busiest time of year for most restaurants, which means that you must take advantage of this in order to boost sales at your restaurant. All it takes is thinking of a few simple ideas that will attract more customers and fill those seats.
Below are some simple and effective ways to boost your restaurant’s sales this summer..

1. Create A Summer Menu.
Making a special summer menu that is only available during the summer months could help give your restaurant a boost in sales. Add summer foods to the menu such as berries, seafood, BBQ and tacos. Also, customers are likely to want to eat smaller light dishes during the hot summer months. Change your portion sizes for the summer menu so that they are lighter and make sure you don’t over-buy food that you won’t need, which would lead to food waste and costing you money.

2. Update Your Website & Social Media To Show Off Your Summer Menu.
Let your customers see that your restaurant is the best place to dine at this summer by updating your website and social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to show off your summer dishes. Try and make the photos as colourful as possible- including colours that represent summer, such as bright shades of primary colours. People may visit your restaurant this summer in order to cool down by ordering cocktails, so make sure that you include photos from your drinks menu as well!

3. Change Your Restaurant’s Décor For Summer.
A lot of customers are going to want to sit outside to dine at your restaurant during the hot summer. Add a bit of summer décor to the outside of your restaurant by adding colourful flowers, plants, vases and umbrellas. Customers most likely aren’t going to want to sit in a dark and dull room during a sunny summer’s day- add a bit of colour by even doing something simple such as changing the colour of the tablecloths to fit with the summer feel.

4. Add Summer Songs To Your Playlist.
Add some upbeat summer hit songs to your restaurant’s playlist to give your customer’s the full summer experience. People aren’t going to want to listen to slow and boring music whilst dining outside at your restaurant. It’s essential to update your music playlist in summer, especially if you have updated your restaurant’s décor to fit with the summer theme, but not the music. That would be very confusing!

5. Launch A Summer Sale / Promotion.
Customers love a good bargain, and summer is the perfect time for your restaurant to launch a summer sale / promotion. One idea could be for you to introduce a 2-for-1 promotion on certain cocktails.

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