5 Ways To Boost Sales This Christmas


Christmas is the busiest time of the year for many restaurants.. the perfect time to maximize profit.

But what’s the best way for you to boost sales this Christmas?

1. Use Social Media To Promote Your Xmas Dishes
You should be taking advantage of the free marketing that social media provides, and using it to inform, educate and entertain your customers who are following you. Give them a taste of the dishes that are being served over the festive season by posting photos of them with descriptions that are guaranteed to make their mouth water- convincing them that your restaurant is the place to dine with their family & friends this Christmas. You could even film videos of your Chefs cooking some of the dishes on the Xmas menu.

Another idea is to spend a few pounds using Facebook advertising, which will allow your sponsored posts to be seen by people in certain locations (such as a 5-mile radius of your restaurant) who you can hopefully persuade to dine at your establishment.

2. Run A Festive Competition
You could run competitions a few different ways- either by using social media (which I would recommend) or by running it physically inside your restaurant. One option would be for you to give away a free meal for 2 people over the Christmas period, and customers / potential customers will have to enter their details such as name and email address onto a form to be in for a chance of winning. This will benefit you due to having customer’s email addresses so that you can market them with future offers and giveaways, and will obviously benefit the winners who get fed for free!

3. Upsell
It’s known that people are more willing to spend more of their cash during the festive season, so it’s very important to train your staff on techniques in how to upsell. One example of upselling is by training your Waiting Staff to recommend seasonal cocktails or other beverages to customers, along with their meal.

4. Bookings
Some customers will be put off from dining at a restaurant if they cannot book a table. After all, nobody wants to take the chance of getting a table at a restaurant during the busiest time of the year, they are more likely to book a table at a rival restaurant instead, where they are guaranteed a table.

5. Get With The Christmas Spirit
Create a cosy Christmas ambiance in your restaurant by using decorations, lighting and music. This will influence the mood and emphasise the festive season. Research has shown that Christmas music is known to influence customers to purchase more.

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