5 Tips On Getting The Best Out Of Your Agency Staff


The festive season is upon us and you may be thinking of hiring more staff to cope with the increase in demand during this busy period.
But what can you do to get the best out of your Agency staff?

1. Explain Your Company’s Background & Core Values
Before the employee starts working at your establishment, explain to them what your company’s core values are, and also talk a bit about the company’s background. This will give people an insight into what your company expects from employees. Your core values will then be on their mind whilst they are working.

2. Pay Them On Time
Make sure that Agency staff’s time sheet are signed off on time so that they don’t have to worry about getting paid in time. The majority of people will celebrate Christmas, and will be skint from buying all their friends & family Xmas presents. If you’re not going to be there to authorise the timesheets at a given time, you can make arrangements with your consultancy so that the temporary worker is not left waiting for payment.

3. Give Them A Good Handover
Ensure that you have a decent handover in place whether this is a verbal or written one, so that when the Agency staff arrives they know exactly what is expected of them.

4. Treat Them Like Your Permanents
Look after your Agency staff the same way that you look after your Permanent employees. If one of the Agency Chefs has done well, a simple expression of appreciation and gratitude is often all it takes to ensure that they continue to excel.

5. Incentivise Your Agency Staff
Think of ways you can get your temp staff to perform the above expectations; paying for additional hours that they have worked or letting them clock off early can help to reward exceptional work. Another way could be to reward them with gifts, such as a crate of beer or whatever their preference is.

Happy Staff = Happy Customers!

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