5 Tips For A Successful Staff Christmas Party


Many employers in the food industry will be arranging their Christmas parties at the moment, frantically calling around trying to book the perfect place for their team to dance the night away and celebrate the great year that they’ve had.

But what’s the secret to the perfect Staff Christmas party?

1. Book A Venue Early
Reading this blog post in November booking your staff Christmas party should be a high priority on your list at the moment. If you book a venue last minute then it will leave you short of options, as all the best venues will sell out in a number of weeks if not days. The best time to book your staff Christmas party is in the summer months.

2. Know Your Budget
Make a list of all the costs which come with booking your staff Christmas party, such as; venue hire, food, drink, transport and entertainment. Ensure that you know what is provided when booking the venue.
Be sure to check exactly what’s included– it may be possible that you don’t actually have to provide any décor or drinks with the package that you’ve booked.

3. Share A Party & Network
If you want to treat your small team to a memorable Christmas staff party but don’t have the big budget to book out a more expensive venue – you should consider booking a shared party? Larger venues will often offer businesses the chance to share their party with other businesses. Not only does this give your team a chance to enjoy a glitzy night out, it could present you with a few networking opportunities with people from other companies who are also attending the staff party.

4. Check For Allergies Before Booking
Before you book a venue or restaurant, be sure to check for any allergies and food or drink preferences of your team before booking. You may know your work colleagues well, but not well enough to know which staff are allergic to particular things. Write down a full list of requirements from your team, ensuring that you can find a venue which accommodates the entire team. As well as checking for food allergies and preferences, it’s also just as important to check which members don’t drink alcohol, so that you can sort out an alternative arrangement.

Shared staff parties are a fantastic opportunity for smaller companies to enjoy a special Christmas celebration with their team, at a more manageable cost.

5. Secret Santa
If you’re doing Secret Santa with your team, it may be beneficial to swap presents before the party. Whilst exchanging gifts during the festive team meal may seem like an ideal time, it is more than likely that presents will be forgotten about once everyone has consumed a few bottles of bubbly.

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