5 things to consider when looking for a New Chef Job

With so many Chef Jobs out there at the moment it has never been easier to step out of one kitchen into another instantly, safe in the knowledge that if you have the skills and knowledge, you will never be in need of a Chef Job.

However, in today’s article, I wanted to challenge the way you think, and ask you 5 key questions you should be thinking when taking on your next Chef job.Chef Job

Number 1. Is new Chef Job going to stretch you?

As humans, we are always looking to improve our skills, bettering ourselves, as you will soon become bored if you step into a role that you could do with your eyes closed (mind your fingers)

So does the new Chef Job that you are taking ongoing to improve your skills? If not, think whether it’s the right Chef Job for you.

Number 2. Is there a progression?

As a Chef, you naturally want to keep moving through the ranks, gaining more responsibility within the kitchen, so does this new Chef Job has the opportunities to move into a more senior position once you have proven yourself?

Or are you happy to stay in the same role, day in day out?

Number 3. What benefits are there?

Money is not everything, especially as you mature and have more external responsibilities.

Some companies offer health care, discounts and even extra holiday days in the Chef Job offered. This is always worth asking when looking at a new role, as being paid a little bit extra, does not always outway other benefits.

Number 4. Where can you see yourself in 2 years?

Now, this may not be a big one for you when looking for a new Chef Job, however, it is certainly something to consider. As do you want to keep bouncing around different kitchens all your life? Or can you see yourself settling in this kitchen for some time?

Number 5. Does the pay fit with your current lifestyle?

You have a lifestyle that you are used too, being able to do the things that you like when you want, so will the pay packet in this new Chef Job offer you the same lifestyle that you are currently enjoying?

Will you get tips? Is their a bonus?

When do you get paid? Weekly or Monthly, as this can make a huge difference in your spending habits.


These are just a few things to consider when looking for a new Chef Job, as it does always concern me when I see so much jumping around on a Chefs CV.

Its worth having a think about it, before you jump from one kitchen to the next.

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