5 Reasons Why Chefs Make Perfect Partners


This month is all about love, with Valentine’s Day taking place in February. Therefore we thought we would let the masses know why Chefs make the perfect partners!

Working as a Chef has some attractive qualities, ranging from being able to cook amazing food to knowing the best restaurants to eat at.

Here are 5 reasons why people should marry a Chef..

1. Creative
Chefs are like artists- they spend every working day creating amazing dishes to impress customers and have very creative minds because of this. People who are married to a Chef, can expect a different meal for dinner each day of the week, as Chefs like to spice it up a bit when it comes to eating a variety of different meals!

2. Eating Well
As it’s a Chef’s job to be an expert in cooking food, they can obviously cook up a tasty meal for their other half. Chefs know what food goes together well, and can make all sorts of healthy food that can make people’s tastebuds tingle!

3. Know The Best Places To Eat
Chefs know all the best places to go for dinner. A lot of Chefs know each other as well, so from word of mouth know where the go-to places are for great food. Also when you have friends who are also Chefs, that means you get a nice discount..

4. Good At Cleaning
Cleaning is a big part of a Chef’s life, kitchens can get very messy and they know how to make it spotless in very quickly. Just make sure your partner helps wash up now & again..

5. Chefs Are Hard Workers
Nobody likes people who are lazy, and Chefs are certainly the total opposite of lazy! Chefs are full of energy and will work hard in order to succeed. They have a “can-do” attitude.

We realise that we’re making out that Chefs are like Superman, but they really do have a lot of desirable skills!