4 Ways To Make The Most Of The Sunny Weather


It’s officially Summer in the UK, the sun is beaming through the window as I am typing this. Which means that many people will be on the lookout for their nearest pub garden.

But how can you make the most of the sunny weather to get more customers through the door?

Here are 4 ways:

1. Use Social Media
Many potential customers will check establishment’s social media pages before dining there, to have a look at what kind of food they cook, and to see what the atmosphere is like. Therefore it’s crucial to upload photos, or even better- videos, to your company’s social media pages, such as Instagram or Facebook. One idea could be to take a photo of your packed restaurant and upload it to Instagram. Let people know that your establish is the place to dine this summer, and the proof is in the pudding by showing them photos of your jam-packed dining area!

2. Show Off Your Drinks Menu
People are more likely to want a drink when the sun comes out and the heat rises. Make an eye-catching summer themed graphic, which has your best-selling drinks on, with appealing words such as “ice-cold”, to persuade customers to clench their thirst by buying a drink.

3. Let People Know You Have A Beer Garden
When the sun (rarely) makes an appearance in the UK, many people will rush outside with their shirt off looking for the nearest beer garden, in order to buy a cold pint to enjoy whilst relaxing in the sun. But many establishments don’t let people know that they have a beer garden hiding out the back. One of the easiest and most effective ways of telling people that you have a beer garden is by putting a chalkboard outside your establishment. As a lot of people will go to the nearest pub garden, and won’t bother looking online. Shout about it and customers will flow in!

4. Open Windows / Turn On Fans
Nobody likes to eat a meal whilst being uncomfortably hot. When the sun is out it can make customers inside your restaurant heat up like a jacket potato inside the microwave, and nobody wants that! Open your windows and turn on any ceiling fans on a low speed. This simple bit of advice could turn an uncomfortable experience for customers into a pleasant one.

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