4 Things That Stop Customers Returning

Tick placed in a new hand written "the worst" checkbox on customer service satisfaction survey form

Across Bristol, Bath and North Somerset all catering staff, kitchen staff and chefs all have to keep up to scratch with current food health and hygiene practices to stay open and running.

1. Poor Hygienic Standards

If someone finds hair in their food and they know for certain it isn’t theirs they aren’t going to be impressed. Once they start thinking about hair in their food they start wondering how clean the Chef’s hands and how good a chef they are, how clean the surfaces were. Everything to do with cleanliness in the kitchen is going through their head right now. The hygiene of your toilets is a reflection of how well you look after your kitchen and how clean you kitchen staff are. Bad toilets = bad kitchen.

2. Bad Setting

When customers sit down at their table as well they don’t want to be looking at scratched, scuffed marked walls. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint or even just touching up the marks is easy to and will make your restaurant look new. I remember once moving leg underneath a table and a piece of chewing gum came off of the table and stuck to my knee, safe to say that I didn’t want to return there. Make sure that your doors mats are clean as well, if they aren’t they wont clean people’s shoes properly and you’ll be left with mud tracks on your floor and slippy patches.

3. Inadequate Customer Service

No matter how good the food is if the customer service isn’t up to scratch then it will leave a very lasting impression on the customer and not a good one either! Things that show bad customer service are rude waiters, food being left on tables, ignoring tables, clearing tables when not everyone has finished, not replacing cutlery and brining out food separately making half the table wait when some of them got their meals 5-10 minutes ago.

4. Bad Food

The whole point in someone coming to your restaurant is because they want to enjoy nice, good quality, well cooked food without having to do it themselves… So if that food isn’t up to scratch then what was the point in going out? People don’t want cold soggy food because it’s been left out for too long in the kitchen not underneath the heat lamps on the pass where it should be. As well when people ask for a steak or sometimes a burger they’re asked how they want it cooked. Cook it this way! The reason they’ve asked for it this way is because that’s how they like it, don’t over cook it so it’s too tough and don’t under cook it so it’s still bleeding on their plate. Portion size as well is a big problem. No one wants to pay for food that isn’t going to fill them because they’ll just end up spending more money on dessert to fill the gap. Even though the aim is for them to order dessert so you can make more profit, you still need to be fair and give customers a decent sized meal.