4 Things People With Clean Kitchens Do

clean kitchen

1. Wiping down the stove top, unit tops and sinks after each use – Good practice to do, gets rid of those mysterious stains that discolour your unit tops and is so much easier to get rid of what ever you’ve spilt straight away, rather than that baked on grease that’s been left there for the past 14 hours. You could even go that step further and then dry everything down to stop any annoying little water makes being left behind

2. Washing and drying dishes immediately – Easiest way to stop doing this is to get rid or the metal drying rack next to the sink. And then you are guaranteed to dry and put dishes away there and then because you don’t want to see them only stacked next to the sink. Drying racks persuade you to leave the dishes out to air dry and never put them away, so when it’s full you just start to try and balance things on top of one another.

3. Storing your bin under the sink – Bins are unsightly, smelly things that most people just leave in the corner of their kitchen waiting to overflow and stink the place out before being emptied into the wheelie bin in the back garden, or by the side of the house. By having the bin under the sink it means the bin has to be smaller and so you take it out more often which stops your kitchen stinking out your dinner from 3 nights ago.

4. Everything has a definitive home – Nearly everyone has a utensil pot net to their stove, get rid of it. As you cook oil and fat spits out of the pan and onto your clean utensils. If you don’t use them for a few days then think about how long that grease has been left there for. Not a nice thought is it. Store utensils in a drawer near to your stove for easy reach, but just don’t leave them out.