4 Best Fitness Apps

  1. RunKeeper – RunKeeper will track your runs, walks, workouts and bike rides, calculating your running pace, cycling speed, route distance, elevation and calories burnt in real time. There are training plans with audio coaching including 10K and Full Marathon or you can create your own plan, and you’ll also get voice updates while you are exercising to let you know your total mileage, calorie count and speed.
  2. Nike+ Training Club – The Nike+ Training Club app features over 100 workouts that have been inspired by Nike Master Trainers and athletes to help you achieve your fitness goals whether it is strength, focus or toning. This app will integrate with Nike+ Running for those that want it and you’ll also be able to track your progress including number of workouts, minutes and average calories in NikeFuel, as well as choose the level of workout you want from beginner to intermediate.
  3. Gym Genius – Gym Genius is one for the gym goer who wants to track workouts to keep an eye on progress and improve lifts each time, as well as track weight and set loss or gain targets. This app is a data entry app rather than a program provider, although it does have a few workouts, but if you are looking for an app to help you keep track of what you are doing, Gym Genius enables you to enter sets, reps and weights as you workout, as well as see personal records and previous sessions.
  4. Seven – Seven sets you the challenge of seven minutes a day for seven months using no more than a chair, wall and your own body weight. You start with three lives but missing one day will lose you a heart and missing three in a month will reset your progress to zero. Working out every day for seven months will make you a 7/7 champion and you should be in pretty good shape too, but if memory rather than motivation is your problem, Seven also allows you to set up daily reminders.