The Misuse Of TripAdvisor


A restauranteurs worst nightmare… A bad TripAdvisor review. Created in year 2000 TripAdvisor is the World’s biggest online forum dedicated to posting the good, bad and the ugly of reviews for world of hospitality. There’s 2 types of people that go on TripAdvisor. Those who go on there to write genuine positive reviews about somewhere,Read More »

Menu Description Dilemma

Do you have menu description dilemma?

So how long should your menu description really be? Normally longer than you think, but still short and sweet! I’m sure all restauranteurs go through this dilemma. Your prime object is to invite the customer, offering them an enticing description that easily persuades them into ordering the dish. How hard is it really to orderRead More »

5 Ways To Turn Customers Into Repeats


Tired of not seeing customers return to your restaurant? Turn your Waiting Staff into superstars and encourage them to get your valuable customers to return to your establishment by following these 5 simple steps.. 1. Offer A Loyalty Programme It’s a really simple idea and can generate a huge amount of business for you. ARead More »

4 Things That Stop Customers Returning

Tick placed in a new hand written "the worst" checkbox on customer service satisfaction survey form

Across Bristol, Bath and North Somerset all catering staff, kitchen staff and chefs all have to keep up to scratch with current food health and hygiene practices to stay open and running. 1. Poor Hygienic Standards If someone finds hair in their food and they know for certain it isn’t theirs they aren’t going toRead More »