How To Deal With Problem Staff


The hardest part of dealing with problem staff is confronting the problem employee and dealing with them, as this can be quite daunting. So I’ve done my research and complied a list of steps you can go through if you’re faced with having this dreaded task. On a piece of paper, whiteboard or even wordRead More »

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Essentials


We put our brains together and compiled a list of all the essential equipment we think you would need for a professional commercial kitchen. Here’s what we came up with; Stove Top – Every professional kitchen needs a stove top, preferably an induction one as these are much more energy efficient, cook food a lotRead More »

4 Best Fitness Apps


RunKeeper – RunKeeper will track your runs, walks, workouts and bike rides, calculating your running pace, cycling speed, route distance, elevation and calories burnt in real time. There are training plans with audio coaching including 10K and Full Marathon or you can create your own plan, and you’ll also get voice updates while you areRead More »

What Is Burns Night?


So what actually is Burns Night? Burns Night is annually celebrated in Scotland on or around 25th January. It recollects the birth of the Scottish poet Robert Burns who was born on 25th January.  A Burns Night menu: Haggis – Love it or hate it, haggis is the symbolic food of Burns Night. Have aRead More »

Dry January?


So what actually is Dry January? It’s really quite simple, all you have to do is not drink any alcohol what so ever throughout January. How hard can it really be to not drink alcohol for 31 days? The campaign aims to attract funding through donations, raise awareness of alcohol-related problems and educate people aboutRead More »