10 Tips On Quitting Your Chef Job


You may be thinking of quitting your Chef job so that you can work for a Chef Recruitment Agency such as Back-2-Front.

However, it’s very important that you end your employment the correct way, as you may work with people that you are currently working with in kitchens in the future- it’s a small world!

Here are 10 things to remember when quitting your Chef job-

1. Give Notice
Check your employment contract to see how much notice that you are required to give before you can leave your job. Usually it’s 2 – 4 weeks, depending on how many hours per week you work and what level of Chef you are. Don’t leave a bad last impression by leaving your Employer with no Chef. Make sure to stay professional.

2. Hand In Your Notice Face-to-Face
Avoid resigning from your Chef job via text or email. You will earn more respect from your current employer if you hand in notice face-to-face. It’s important to be polite in your notice letter so that you leave on a positive!

3. Don’t Tell Your Colleagues Before Your Boss
The chances are that once you tell 1 of your kitchen mates that you are planning on handing in your notice, the whole kitchen and your boss will know before you even hand it in! Avoid the awkwardness by keeping it to yourself until you have spoken to your boss.

4. Return Any Of The Kitchen’s Possessions
Ensure that you return any items that you have that belong to the kitchen before you leave, such as cook-books or kitchen equipment such as knives.

5. Take Your Employer’s Contact Details
Once you leave your current job and join a Chef Recruitment Agency such as Back-2-Front you will need to provide us with a list of references from previous jobs that you have worked at. This is 1 reason why you must end things on a positive. Take your boss’s contact number and email address so that your new employer will be able to get in contact with them in order to obtain a reference.

6. Offer To Train Your Successor
One way of keeping the peace when leaving a job is to offer to train up the Chef who will be replacing you in your role, whilst you are working your final few weeks of notice period. Your boss will probably turn down your offer- but it is a helpful gesture that is guaranteed to earn you brownie points.

7. Avoid Quitting When You Are Stressed
You may feel like quitting your Chef job when you are stressed out in the kitchen, but make sure that you sleep on it and speak to your boss before you quit. As we mentioned previously- don’t end things on a negative.

8. Give It Some Time Before Returning
If you quit your job on bad terms, then give it some time before you return to the restaurant where you used to work. Whether you are just popping in to say hello, or whether you are dining there.

9. Referencing
If you plan on using your current boss as a reference, then make sure you let them know, so that they are expecting the call from your future employer. If you don’t get on too well with your boss, then identify somebody else in your workplace, such as a Chef who you work beneath, who will be able to give you a reference instead.

10. Don’t Talk Badly Of Your Boss
This applies for when you are still working in your job, and also when you are working for another company. Many employers will think badly of you if you talk badly of your previous boss whilst being interviewed for a job. Also, your potential new boss may be friends with your previous boss. So avoid any awkward experiences by not doing it at all.

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